Library > Issue 132 > Olympic Programme in Rio 2016 under Debate

Olympic Programme in Rio 2016 under Debate

Miguel Pic Aguilar

Pic Aguilar, M. (2018). Olympic Programme in Rio 2016 under Debate. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 132, 7-21.


The study addresses the classification of 306 events (42 sports) in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Sports events on the Olympic programme were classified by drawing up an ad hoc mixed system composed of three levels, with three core criteria: a) gender, b) number of medals won by the participants, c) location of the source of uncertainty in the Olympic events. Two evaluators developed and implemented a taxonomic system in order to control the quality of data using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The results encourage making suggestions about the asymmetric Olympic programme by gender, motor uncertainty and number of medals awarded by the organization to athletes in Rio 2016.

Key words

gender, Olympic Games, uncertainty, events
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