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Physical Activity and Health

Study of Healthy Physical Activity Habits in Children in Primary Education in the City of Jaén
Antonio Pantoja Vallejo / Javier Montijano González

Relationship Between Sports Habits and Physical Fitness Among Adolescents in Galicia
Luis Morenilla Burló / Eliseo Iglesias Soler

Sports Pedagogy

Analysis of One-On-One Situations in Youth Basketball
José Luis Arias Estero

Movement Perception and Reaction Response Time in Tennis According to the Type and Direction of Shot
Vicente Luis del Campo / Raúl Reina Vaíllo / Rafael Sabido Solana / Francisco Javier Moreno Hernández

Physical Preparation

Analysis of the Acceleration Capacity of Female Sprint Athletes
Gerard Carmona Dalmases / Carlos González-Haro

Analysis of the Isometric Force of Spanish Divers in Different Competitive Categories
Luis Arturo Gómez-Landero Rodríguez / Jesús López Bedoya / Mercedes Vernetta Santana / Michel Marina Evrad

Sports Training

Lactic Response of Elite Athletes to Specific Training for the 3,000 Metres
Dionisio Alonso Curiel / Juan del Campo Vecino / Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández / Carlos M.ª Tejero González / Christophe Ramírez Parenteau

Analysis of Performance Indicators in the European Freestyle Swimming Short Course Finals
Alfonso Trinidad Morales / Alberto Lorenzo Calvo

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