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Social Sciences – Forum "José María Cagigal"

Study about the Motivations for Going Rock Climbing
Iván López Fernández, Laura García Bravo, Francisco Javier Garrido González

Physical Activity and Health

Acute Effect of Physical and Sport Activity and Body Expression on Mood
Rafael E. Reigal Garrido, María Victoria Márquez Casero, Antonio Videra García, Ignacio Martín Tamayo, Rocío Juárez Ruiz de Mier

Physical Education

Introduction of ICT into Physical Education. Descriptive Study of the Current Situation
Queralt Prat Ambrós, Oleguer Camerino Foguet, Jordi Lluís Coiduras Rodríguez

Sports Pedagogy

Maximal Aerobic Speed Tests with Young Footballers. Monitoring and Scheduling Training Intensity
Philippe Campillo, Orcelle Nkuignia, Carmen Matías López

Sports Training

Analysing Completions by Wing Players in Handball
Manuel Montoya Fernández, Gerard Moras i Feliu, Maria Teresa Anguera i Argilaga

Sports Management, Active Leisure and Tourism

The Personality Characteristics of Ski Instructors
Carmen Juan-Llamas

Woman and Sport

Influence of Age, Frequency and Time on the Satisfaction of Rural Adult Women When Doing Fitness Activities
Alberto Blázquez Manzano, Sebastián Feu Molina, M.ª Isabel Sánchez Hernández

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