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115 · 1st quarter 2014 · Index

Social Sciences – Forum "José María Cagigal"

Stamina Culture: an Anthropological Study
Roberto Cachán Cruz

Physical Education

Everyone in the Ring: the Circus in Physical Education Classes
Teresa Ontañón Barragán, Marco Antonio Coelho Bortoleto

Sports Pedagogy

The Effect of Relative Age on Participation in the National Sports Training Plan and the Achievement of Sporting Success in Canoeing
Manuel Isorna Folgar, Raquel Vaquero Cristóbal, Juan Carlos Vinuesa González, Antonio Rial Boubeta

Sports Training

Analysis of the Second Defensive Line in Female Beach Volleyball Depending on the Level of Play
Gemma María Gea García, Juan José Molina Martín

Sports Management, Active Leisure and Tourism

Analysis of the Poblet Forest Trekorientació®: a Sustainable Sports Event in the Natural Environment
Joan Fuster Matute, Estela I. Farias Torbidoni, Gonzalo Gil, Jordi Seguí Urbaneja

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