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Apunts for the XXI century

Olympic Programme in Rio 2016 under Debate
Miguel Pic Aguilar

Social Sciences – Forum "José María Cagigal"

Sources of Stress Inside and Outside the Match in Football Referees
Gerard Soriano Gillué, Yago Ramis Laloux, Miquel Torregrossa Álvarez, Jaume Cruz i Feliu

Physical Activity and Health

Treatment of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome in Adolescent Tennis
Pablo Prieto González, Mehdi Ben Brahim

Physical Education

Use of Floating Material in Swimming
Josep Manel Serrano Ramón, Alberto Ferriz Valero

Sports Pedagogy

Functional Analysis of Losing your Marker in Football
Toni Díaz Losquiño, Josep Solà Santesmases

Physical Preparation

Strength Training Methods for Improving Actions in Football
Javier Raya González, Javier Sánchez Sánchez

Sports Training

Oxygen Consumption and Anaerobic Threshold in Young Athletes in Track and Field, Swimming and Triathlon
Vicente Torres Navarro, José Campos Granell

Relationship between Heart Rate and the Scoreboard during a Relegation Playoff
Abraham Batalla Gavaldà, Ana María Bofill Ródenas, Raúl Montoliu Colás, Francisco Corbi Soler

Woman and Sport

Gender and its Relationship with the Practice of Physical Activity and Sport
Juan Granda Vera, Inmaculada Alemany Arrebola, Nahum Aguilar García

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