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Physical Activity and Health

Physical Activity and Academic Performance in Children and Preadolescents: A Systematic Review
Ramón Chacón-Cuberos, Félix Zurita-Ortega, Irwin Ramírez-Granizo. Manuel Castro-Sánchez

Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviour in School Sports
Pedro Ángel Latorre-Román, María Teresa Bueno-Cruz, Melchor Martínez-Redondo, Jesús Salas-Sánchez

Relationship between Physical Activity in Children and Perceived Support: A Case Studies
Daniel Sanz-Martín

Humanities and Social Sciences

Identity, History and Sport: Genesis of Surfing Magazines in Spain
Daniel Esparza

Physical Education

Physical Education Teachers’ Competencies and Assessment in Professional Practice
Laura Cañadas, María Luisa Santos-Pastor, Francisco Javier Castejón 

Affectivity and Motor Interaction in Popular Motor Games at School
Pedro Gil-Madrona, Lorena Pascual-Francés, Andrea Jordá-Espi, Felipe Mujica-Johnson, Andrés B. Fernández-Revelles

Factors that Influence Academic Performance in Physical Education
Ismael Giner-Mira , Leandro Navas-Martínez , Francisco Pablo Holgado-Tello, José Antonio Soriano-Llorca

Sports Training

Goalkeeper Effectiveness in the Direct Free Hit of Rink Hockey
Guillem Trabal, Gabriel Daza, Joan Riera

Sports Pedagogy

Relationship between School Violence, Sportspersonship and Personal and Social Responsibility in Students
Bernardino J. Sánchez-Alcaraz, Borja Ocaña-Salas, Alberto Gómez-Mármol, Alfonso Valero-Valenzuela

Woman and Sport

How do Sportswomen Perceive the Way they are Treated in the Media?
Judit Martínez-Abajo, María-Teresa Vizcarra, Gema Lasarte

Abstracts of doctoral dissertations

Yin and Yang. The East in Gipuzkoa: place, identity and meaning of wushu
Estibaliz Romaratezabala-Aldasoro

Sport and Flexibility: sports performance without risk of injury
Antonio Cejudo-Palomo

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