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140 · 2nd quarter 2020 · Index

Physical Activity and Health

Attitudes Towards Doping among Sport Sciences Students
Martí Puchades, Pere Molina

Humanities and Social Sciences

The Francoist Mirage at the University of Barcelona: Sports Facilities (1954-1958)
Raquel Mirabet, Xavier Pujadas 

Physical Education

Evolution in the Sports Habits of Sport Sciences Students in Spain
María Luisa Rodicio-García , María José Mosquera-González, María Penado y Covadonga Mateos-Padorno

Sports Education and Introduction to Invasion Sports in Early Primary Education
Federico Puente-Maxera, Antonio Méndez-Giménez, Diego Martínez de Ojeda

Perceived Effort, Satisfaction and Performance Times during a Mime and Drama Unit of Study
Josune Rodríguez-Negro, Javier Yanci   

Sports Training

Relationship Between Jump Capacity and Performance in BMX Cycling
Pau Robert, Rafel Cirer-Sastre , Isaac López-Laval, Sergi Matas-García, Jesús Álvarez-Herms, Sonia Julià-Sánchez, Francisco Corbi

Swimming Performance After an Eccentric Post-Activation Training Protocol
Francisco Cuenca-Fernández, Ana Gay, Jesús Ruiz-Navarro, Esther Morales-Ortiz, Gracia López-Contreras, Raúl Arellano  

Sports Pedagogy

Observational Analysis of the Execution of the “Control” Core Technical/Tactical Concept by Sergio Busquets
Daniel Lapresa, Félix Blanco, Mario Amatria, Javier Arana, M.Teresa Anguera

Physical Preparation

Quantification of Perceived Effort in Elite Young footballers Throughout a Season
Javier Raya-González, Daniel Castillo 

Scientific Notes

Kinematic Analysis of the Snatch Technique in High Performance Weightlifters
Natali Olaya-Mira, Isabel C. Soto-Cardona , Reina T. Palacio-Peña, Nicole J. Acevedo-Tangarife

Comparing the Most Demanding Passages of Official Matches and Training Drills in Elite Roller Hockey
Daniel Fernández, Axel Novelles, Roger Tarragó, Xavier Reche

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