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Goalkeeper Effectiveness in the Direct Free Hit of Rink Hockey

Guillem Trabal, Gabriel Daza, Joan Riera

Trabal, G., Daza, G., & Riera, J. (2020). Goalkeeper Effectiveness in the Direct Free Hit of Rink Hockey. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 56-64.


The objective of this research was to analyse the influence of the factors that intervene in goalkeeper-player the interaction on the effectiveness of direct free hits. The observational methodology was used, and an ad hoc observation instrument was created with 11 criteria. The sample consisted of 637 direct free hits from the OK Liga 2015-16. A descriptive analysis of the different variables was made and a correlation analysis between goalkeeper and player behaviour variables with regard to effectiveness in finalization. No interaction variable was identified between goalkeeper and player that had a significant relationship in the efficiency of the goalkeeper’s saves (p > .05). The most efficient player behaviours were: left laterality (33.3%) and zone 3 where the direct free hit (33.2%) is executed. The goalkeeper behaviours that presented the highest percentages of effectiveness were use of the technical ability to move their arms to stop shots (82.7%) and the initial position of squat (73.8%) and knee on the floor (72%). The information obtained is interesting in helping to understand goalkeeper-player interactions and thus be able to intervene to improve both of their playing performances according to the characteristics of the direct free hit.

Key words

roller hockey, direct free hit, effectiveness, technical skill, goalkeeper
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