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81 · 3rd quarter 2005 · Index

Apunts for the XXI Century

Adolescence, sport, and personal growth
Javier Olivera Betrán

Applied sciences to physical activity and sports (Forum "José María Cagigal")

Reasons to for the commencement, maintaining, and finalisation of the practice of sports of preadolescents in the island of Mallorca
Pere Palou Sampol / Xavier Ponseti Verdaguer / Margalida Gili Planas / Pere Antoni Borràs Rotger / Josep Vidal Conti

Physical Activity and Health

Physical condition as health indicator in the therapy of drug-dependants
Manuel Pimentel González

Physical Education

Motivational atmosphere in Physical Education classes: a practical aproach from the Theory of Goals of Achieving
Tomás García Calvo / Francisco J. Santos-Rosa Ruano / Ruth Jiménez Castuera / Eduardo M. Cervelló Gimeno

Physical Preparation

Prescription of abdominal training programs. Revision and put up to date
Francisco J. Vera-García / Manuel Monfort Pañego / Mª Ángeles Sarti Martínez

Resistance to velocity as a conditioning factor of a football's player performance
Javier Sánchez Sánchez / Francisco Blázquez Hernández / Antolín Gonzalo Martín / José María Yagüe Cabezón

Sports Training

Content analysis of the intervention of the volleyball coach in the competition preparation meeting Comparitive study of coaches of senior masculine and feminine teams
Isabel Mesquita / Gisela Rosa / António Rosado / M. Perla Moreno

Biomedical control of table tennis training. Example of field test
Carlos Melero Romero / Francisco Pradas de la Fuente / M.ª Carmen Vargas Corzo

Sports Management, Active Leisure and Tourism

Bussiness management of active tourism: analysis of offer
Pedro Jesús Jiménez Martín / Vicente Gómez Encinas

Social Sciences – Forum "José María Cagigal"

The dynamics of interaction of football: the performance of a referee and its context
Raúl Márquez Porras

Art and Sports

Leornardo's inventiveness
Ramon Balius i Juli

Oriol Casassas: catalan, doctor, and poet
Ramon Balius i Juli

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