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127 · 1st quarter 2017 · Index

Apunts for the XXI century

The Barcelona Olympic Games: Looking Back 25 Years On (1)
Francesc Solanellas, Andreu Camps

Social Sciences – Forum "José María Cagigal"

The Beginnings of Physical Education in Spain (1881-1905)
Juan Félix Rodríguez Pérez

Physical Activity and Health

Validation of a Physical Exercise Questionnaire in Children and Adolescents from Different Socioeconomic Strata
Fernando Alberto Laíño, Claudio Jorge Santa María, Nelio Eduardo Bazán, Héctor Agustín Salvia, Ianina Tuñón

Effects of Hypoxia on Mountaineers Exposed to Extreme Altitudes
Javier Aceña Medina, Pedro Allueva Torres

Physical Education

Exploration of Formative Assessment Systems among University Students in the Province of Huesca
Sonia Asún Dieste, María Rosario Romero Martín, Miguel Chivite Izco

Sports Pedagogy

Soccer: Effects of a Teaching Unit in Early Initiation
Daniel Lapresa Ajamil, Javier Arana Idiakez, Mario Amatria Jiménez, Francisco Javier Fernández Alejandro, M. Teresa Anguera

Sports Training

Effect of Situational Variables on Points in Elite Padel Players
Javier Courel-Ibáñez, Bernardino-Javier Sánchez-Alcaraz

Study of Internal Load in Amateur Padel through Heart Rate
Jesús Díaz García, Francisco Javier Grijota Pérez, María Concepción Robles Gil, Marcos Maynar Mariño, Diego Muñoz Marín


Psychology and Sport: The athlete’s self-skills
Joan Riera, José Carlos Caracuel, Joan Palmi, Gabriel Daza

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