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85 · 3rd quarter 2006 · Index

Apunts for the XXI Century

The sport system. Threats and opportunities
Javier Olivera Betrán

Applied sciences to physical activity and sports (Forum "José María Cagigal")

Analysis of sports articles in online newspapers from Spain and the United States: Is there promotion of physical activity and sport?
Jillian Elizabeth Frideres* / José Manuel Palao Andrés

Physical Education

Students’ opinion about Physical Education according to age
Juan Antonio Moreno Murcia* / Pedro Hellín Gómez / Mª Gloria Hellín Rodríguez

Sports Pedagogy

Analysis of the Involvement of the Spanish basketball players in different age stages of the national team
Pedro Sáenz-López Buñuel* / Sebastián Feu Molina / Sergio José Ibáñez Godoy

Physical Preparation

Comparative study of the explosive force and muscle architecture in four groups of students
David Aznar Chicharro / Tomás Delgado Blas / Luis M.ª Alegre Durán* / Xavier Aguado Jódar

Sports Training

Simulators for sailing tuition and training
Jordi Renom Pinsach

Sports Management, Active Leisure and Tourism

Games and traditional sports in europe: between tradition and modernity
Pere Lavega* / Francisco Lagardera / Fidel Molina / Antoni Planas / Antoni Costes / Unai Saez de Ocariz

Art and Sports

Who was Lluís Montané i Mollfulleda?
Ramon Balius i Juli

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