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Social media are creating profound changes in the way we communicate and interact while also generating a quiet revolution in mindsets.

We are witnessing a new era of history that some historians, sociologists and philosophers call the Information Society, characterised by the immediacy and ubiquity of information and the configuration of a new, more open global mindset that is concerned about the common problems of our world.

In this changing environment, Apunts. Educació Física i Esports, the quarterly journal in the field of physical activity and sports science since 1985 and with full open access to all the issues published, has opened its Twitter account to propose a communication, information and discussion network designed to foster knowledge for everyone who is interested in physical education and sport, and in particular in our journal’s publication areas and topics: physical education, athletic performance, physical activity and health, active leisure and sports management and human and social sciences applied to sport.

Rooted in fundamental respect and essential discussion and solely with the force of rational arguments, we hope that this new network will grow in the quantity and quality of its communications, provide knowledge and affection and contribute to improving our personal, physical and social universe.

Welcome to all who wish to take part under these rules.

Javier Oliver, Editor in Chief

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